Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cost of Freedom


Oh! What a fall…
From the heights of love to the valley of economics!
If freedom is not free, then what is the cost?
When we walk free, think free and speak free,
Is there a cost involved?
We feel envy about our red faced neighbour;
Oh, what a staggering pace of progress!
We are left behind far and wide,

But some where deep our ego murmurs,
We are free! But they are not!
When we relax our ways to office,
When we grease our palms to sign,
When we yawn our days in work,
When we roar in the heating sun,
We enjoy the fruits of freedom!

When you are cuffed down and forced to work,
When you have no choice but to work,
What else would you do, but work!
And what else you would have, but development.

Oh the question hits back?
What is the cost of freedom?
Is it development?


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Illogical categories


What is Freedom?
Is it the freedom to choose or the freedom not to choose?
Whether there is choice less freedom?
Is freedom free? Who knows?
I don’t know why these questions are hovering around me now.
The search is on.
May be with the realization of a small gap, so thin, but still a palpable gap?
A feeble pain is felt, is it that of separation, I don’t know...
To be one is the bliss of advaita – non duality!
When individualities surface, the non dual is felt. Isn’t it?
Even in the most flexible flux of non-possessive current, is there a crave to possess?
If so, that may be the reason.
But I feel otherwise! Duality is the reason, so to me.
To hell with all logical categories, damn the inevitable –
it is bliss to be divinely irresponsible. Ha ha